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MS Word Accessibility Basics Webinar Series

This three-part series covers core Microsoft Word accessibility concepts in convenient 30-minute sessions. All webinars include a recording, transcript and slide deck of the presentation.

Recommended Software:

  • Microsoft Word 2016
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Non-Text Elements

A high-level overview of best practices for accessible non-text elements, including providing informative alternative text for meaningful images, text equivalents for complex images, and using text instead of images of text.

Page Structure

A high-level overview of best practices for accessible page structure including providing a context sensitive page title, proper heading structure, ensuring the reading order of content is logical, using proper list structure, and setting the language of the document.

Accessibility Full Check and Conversion to PDF

This webinar focuses on using the Microsoft Word 2016 Accessibility Full Check feature and interpreting the results of the Full Check. We also discuss and demonstrate converting Microsoft Word 2016 documents to PDF and viewing the document to prepare for remediation in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

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